This for L.

I love this oh so much.

built in bed.jpeg

With a lavender bath. So much yessss.

Both pics via Pinterest, of course. Stuck in a pinhole and I can't get out of it.

bunk up

Do your children share a room?   I always thought I would want my children to have their own rooms, but I've heard and read so many things about the bond that siblings form when they share a space.  We'll see...right now L is an only child, so not really a prob.

Here are some of my fave bunk bed options for shared rooms:

room of the day

LOVE this room and the crazy ceiling. I spy a faux bois mirror from Stray Dog (available through Progeny) and the wacky table and wire chairs (also available on our website)! See the whole room tour over at Apartment Therapy.


Up, Up, & Away

Next Friday is First Friday and you're invited to go up, up, & away with us...


Eve of Petite Simone Photography is helping us set up a fabulous hot air balloon photo wall and then she'll be capturing snazzy shots of the kiddos looking especially cute with their Parlor Dry Bar braids & ponies AND Hopscotch Kids mini-manis!

New art will be in-house (birds and gems and pretty things -- must see) and we'll have light snacks & champs.  Come hang out!

Sweet Tuesday.

Toddlers. A precious angel one minute, a complete sh*t-show the next. During dinner tonight, we had an epic meltdown - refusal to eat - toy throwing - yelling for cook cooks (that would be cookies) - followed by falling to the floor and crying uncontrollably for a really long time.  And then in the next room, the cat decided to cough up three hairballs (oh, the sweet, sweet sounds of a cat puking).  D and I just looked at each other across the table and shook our heads. I accept defeat.