Halloween Happenings

Pop by Friday, grab some candy, and maybe bribe your kid to get a Halloween costume pic! I just spent $80 on a custom Minnie Mouse get up and L won't wear anything but the ears. Winning. 

Friday from 10am-1p!  



The past few weeks have consisted of farm visits, pumpkin patches, pony rides and pigs (observation only), the State Fair, renovation plans, cats, barbecue, and bourbon drinks.

photo 1 (4).JPG
photo 1.JPG

This for L.

I love this oh so much.

built in bed.jpeg

With a lavender bath. So much yessss.

Both pics via Pinterest, of course. Stuck in a pinhole and I can't get out of it.

bunk up

Do your children share a room?   I always thought I would want my children to have their own rooms, but I've heard and read so many things about the bond that siblings form when they share a space.  We'll see...right now L is an only child, so not really a prob.

Here are some of my fave bunk bed options for shared rooms:

room of the day

LOVE this room and the crazy ceiling. I spy a faux bois mirror from Stray Dog (available through Progeny) and the wacky table and wire chairs (also available on our website)! See the whole room tour over at Apartment Therapy.